Motion Theory (Motion-pro-motion)

University of Huddersfield

Studio, practice, and production working ,exploring
theories and concepts of motion graphics,
constructing academic themes around TV
production. This work includes a studio
elective and post graduate teaching, writing,
blogs, and motion graphics shorts. Work
has been exhibited and projected in
venues in Huddersfield including the George
Wood Project, a collaboration with
Heritage Quay archives, and a screening at
KWAS in Huddersfield. MA screenings and
presentations include a screening in collaboration
with Parlour, Huddersfield, and installation
work in the University of Huddersfield
buildings. Work has also been shown on
project screens, projected onto the outdoor
walls of the old creative arts buildings.

Monochrome Masters - MA Graphic Design Film:
Project / Project - MA Graphic Design Film
Contemporary Art and Illustration - Blog 2018-2019

George Wood Project Links and Press:
Work of Huddersfield Statistician George Wood
brought to life by students - article in the
Huddersfield Examiner

George Wood Project Showreels on Vimeo
George Wood Project Website

Rustis, Balciunas, Jonathan Clementson, Merry
Eady, Beth Minshall, Emma Perrett, Nicole
H.D.W Sinclair
Thanks to:
Harriet Harmer, Lindsay Ince, The Piazza
Centre Management Team, Leanne Clarke,
Liam Devlin and Ryan Durrant

Motion-go on vimeo:

George Wood Project: Promotional Materials, 2015

George Wood Project: Portrait by Rustis Balciunas

George Wood Projects: Designs by Beth Minshall,
Emma Perrett, Merry Eady, and Nicole H. D. W.
Sinclair, 2015

George Wood Project: Portrait Postcard designs by
Jonathan Clementson, 2015

Monochrome Masters - Film Still, 2016
(Author and students)

Project / Project: Film Still (2017)
(Author and Students)

Motion-go Science: Film Still, 2019
(Author and Students)

May the 4th be with you: workshop poster, 2017