Visualisation of Sound I II III

A series of lectures designed to accompany a
studio brief exploring visualisation of sound. Using
as a starting point, Scriabin’s keyboard of light,
musical dischord, harmony rhythm and
structure in film, including relationships of
contemporary works by Max Hattler, Ion,
Historical precedents from Oskar Fischinger, and
contemporary motion graphics works exploring
sounds. These lectures included theoretical
works exploring drawing in motion graphics,
John Berger, Dryden Goodwin and the Music
of John Cage and Leonard Cohen, and taking
Bourriaud’s ideas of a moment ‘M’ in the
production of art, motion graphics, as
drawing. An experimental principle using
examples from Hogarth and Drew Tyndell.

A theory of motion graphics: Lecture Notes
Illustration and Motion Graphics Notes

The Intricacies of Form: Lecture Poster, 2017 (Author)

Cobwebs: Lecture Notes, 2016 (Author)

Dance Me, Lecture Notes, 2016 (Author)

Gentle Ease - drawing and the After Effects graph Editor, Lecture Links, 2016 (Author)

Leonard Cohen, 2017 (Author.)