Commercial TV Practice:
London Olympics 2012

BBC Sport

Quite simply, one of the most brilliant
experiences of my life, work, and career. I
worked for the duration of the London
Olympics on site in the broadcasting centre
in London, creating motion graphics with
the team at Mammoth, led by Phil Long
and Will Butcher. My work was shown
mainly on the highlights shows in the
evenings, include a series of of pieces using
data and statistics for athletics, with
Louis Myles, and some brilliant cartoons
and pieces with Ali MacIntyre, and visuals
with Mark Woodward. My full BBC Sport
archive is online here:
and research I carried out whilst working
at BBC Sport, largely in football graphics
is on my old blog here:
This work was all created at BBC Sport
under the creative direction of Richard
Gort and John Murphy.

BBC Sport
Mammoth Graphics

Athletics Stats, BBC Sport, 2012

Athletics Stats: Wipe, BBC Sport, 2012

King of the swim, BBC Sport, 2012

Underdog of the Day, BBC Sport, 2012

Three Amigirls, BBC Sport, 2012

Tom Daley, BBC Sport, 2012