Commercial TV Practice:
Rugby League Titles

BBC Sport

A title sequence celebrating rugby league
coverage, on BBC Sport, starting with the
Challenge Cup. My brief was to celebrate
the history of the sport, cup, and the BBC’s
coverage of it, BBC Sport has had the rights,
and with it archive footage, going back to
the 1930’s. I took my idea from Paul Bush’s
film, While Darwin Sleeps, an evolution of the
game, told in graphic forms. Starting with an
(edited) shot of the evolution of a rugby
ball, and then graphical elements to
represent significant moments in time. Cigarette
cards for the earliest footage, Penguin Books,
with reference to Penguin Classics of the 1950’s
and 1960’s, Punk posters from the 1980’s and
a Banksy style section for contemporary
footage. These graphics were re-versioned
for two subsequent competitions and went on
air in 2013.

Directors: Sally Richardson and Ali MacIntyre
Creative Executive: Richard Gort
Producer: Mark Woodward
Design, direction and Animation: Sara Nesteruk

Rugby League Titles: Edited Scene: BBC Sport, 2013

Rugby League Titles: Film Still, BBC Sport, 2013