Commercial TV Practice:
World Athletics Championships 2013

BBC Sport

Coverage of the World Athletics Championships in
Moscow, 2013, I designed a complete kit of
parts to be taken to the games, and used
live. This work is based on the ideas of
traditional Russian fairytales, with specific
reference to the theories of Vladimir Propp.
Propp was a Russian theorist who suggested
fairytales, to be successful, are all made of
the same ‘functions’ with a number of distinct
characters and objects. I wanted to highlight
characters, stories, and ambitions of the
athletes, and, in the same way the functions
can appear, or be removed, these stings and
idents form a complete storytelling kit,
designed for the viewer to become familiar
with, and assemble their own stories, as
the games progress. Also included is a
Russian bear, and a pack of idents based on
Communist propaganda posters. Two years
later, at the University of Huddersfield I
explored these ideas in depth, in a collaborative
project with students, called the Motion
Graphics Fairytale. Each student animated a
function, or part, of equal length, with a
transition in and out of their work, and the
final parts were edited together at the end of
the workshop. This work can be found online
on vimeo here:

World Athletics Championships: Still to Come,
BBC Sport, 2013

World Athletics Championships: Hurdles Sting,
BBC Sport, 2013

World Athletics Championships: Wipe, BBC Sport, 2013

World Athletics Championships: Russian Bear, BBC
Sport, 2013

World Athletics Championships: Idents, BBC Sport, 2013