Exhibitions: National Museum « Holodomor
victims’ Memorial » Kyiv, and Salford, UK

Supported using public funding from Arts
Council UK.
National Museum « Holodomor victims Memorial »
Kyiv, Ukraine
Islington Mill Galleries, Salford, UK

This work is a result and outcomes of my
residency time in Kyiv. During the second
week of my residency at the Holodomor
Museum I exhibited work in the main
galleries in the museum. Creating one short
motion piece a day, using stories, fragments,
Crumbs, using motion graphics production
and techniques from television, in a
gallery environment.

My press and talks were featured on
Ukrainian National Television and Radio, and
my work was featured, in a mention in
Frieze magazine.
On my return to the UK elements of my
work were shown in the galleries at
Islington Mill in Salford.

Thanks to:
National Museum « Holodomor victims’ Memorial
Kyiv, Ukraine
Islington Mill, Salford,
Arts Council England
Project Supervisors: Professor Lisa Stansbie and
Professor Simon Morris.
Audio Production in UK: Yoni Collier
Exhibition, Making of Movie: Simon Weldon
Production Assistant: James Carbutt
Curator in Ukraine: Yana Hrynko

Exhibition: National Museum « Holodomor victims’
Memorial, Kyiv, Ukraine
(Photo: National Museum « Holodomor
victims’ Memorial » Kyiv)

Exhibition Poster: Ukrainian Version, 2017

Production Movie: 8.2 Рабочие Слои HD (working layers)

Recipes for Making Bread - Documentation, 2017
(Film by Simon Weldon)