Residencies: National Museum « Holodomor
victims Memorial » Kyiv, Ukraine

Supported Using public funding from Arts
Council England.
National Museum « Holodomor victims’ Memorial »
Kyiv, Ukraine.

In 2017 I was awarded an Artists’ international
Development Award from Arts Council UK for a
residency and exhibition in Ukraine. Using
archives, histories, survivors testimonies and
stories, I explored documents, maps
and informations from Holodomor, a huge
starvation in Ukraine. Holodomor took place
in winter 1932-1933, estimates show approximately
7 million died during the times.
In Ukraine, stories were lost and forgotten
during Communist times, and my work includes
materials released, and refound after
Ukrainian Independences in 1991.

I worked in residence at the museum for
two weeks, exploring meanings, and stories,
with a public talk and exhibition at the
end of my residency.

Huge thanks are to all of the staff at the
museum, in particular curator Yana Hrinko.

Holodomor Museum (in Ukrainian and English)

Ukrainian TV Interviews, 2017
(Photo: National Museum « Holodomor
victims’ Memorial » Kyiv)

Itinery in Ukrainian, 2017

Radio Interview Documents, 2017

Memorial: National Museum « Holodomor victims
Memorial, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017