The Persistence of Utopia

Group show at the Market Gallery, Huddersfield.
Curated by Nic Clear and Dave Smith

In 2019 I showed work a part of The Persistence
of Utopia, a group show in Huddersfield. A short
film I made for The School of Life called
We We (Sometimes) Wish Those We Love Might Die
was shown in the gallery spaces. I took part in
a performance project during the show called
Adapt and Survive with performance artist
Simon Woolham. The work I made with
Simon was exploring music, drawings, and live
motion graphics, as performance.

The Persistence of Utopia, 2017

Adapt and Survive: Simon Woolham, 2019
(Photo: Author)

Adapt and Survive: Film Still

Adapt and Survive: Workshop and Performance Poster, 2019