Composition and Structure in Contemporary
Motion Graphics

A case study

In reference to my PhD research

5th International Motion Festival, Cyprus
6-9 May 2019

Recipes for Baking Bread: Exploring stories from
Holodomor - Ukraine, 1932-1933. A series of
short films exploring stories from starvation
in Ukraine during the time of Holodomor, the
winter of 1932-1933.

My work explores depth and narrative
using contemporary motion graphics, and
TV production techniques. Using analogue
and digital production. Depth, insight,
exploring histories, memories, and collective

The proposed study is for a presentation
based on my research. Using the poetry of
Rilke, Rumi and Brecht, and the
structure of Japanese No drama, experiencing,
and experimenting with form, composition
and narrative, in time and space. Including
the work of John Cage, Oscar Fischinger,
Brecht and the Oulipo group, with examples
from contemporary motion graphics, short
films and television production. Words,
music, Samuel Beckett. Depth.

“The name No itself means “talent”, and by
a derived association, the exhibition of talent,
or a perfomance.”

From Japanese Literature,
by Donald Keene, Ph.D
John Murray, London, 1933.


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