Sara Nesteruk

Ukraine 2017

Residency at the National Museum « Holodomor
victims Memorial » Kyiv, Exhibition and Talk.

August and September 2017.

Before I planned my trip to Ukraine, or, the
start, of my trip to Ukraine, began with this
box. I took the box to a supervision meeting,
with one of my supervisors, Simon. At the
time it was completely empty. Apart for
a leaflet (still instead) and a project
budget. I’m still unsure of the significance of
the leaflet, for a performance or event at
HOME, in Manchester, one of my favourite
locations, and my preferred working
space in Manchester

The box was filled during my first visit and
residency in Kyiv, from 23rd August 2017–
1st September 2017. My idea was to post it
back to myself in the UK, complete with
Some of this material was shown in the 
exhibition I set up in Salford, in November
2017. The prints and posters are part of the
publicity and press material I created
before I left for Ukraine. I took the material
to Kyiv, and distributed some of the posters
to people I met, and worked with on the
There are also drawings, and documents I
completed on my return. An inventory.
This was initially created by the lady in 
the DHL office on Khreshatnick, in Kyiv, on
my final day.

The full intro, to the box, is here - PDF.