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Short Films


A series of five short films exploring stories from Ukraine during
Holodomor in 1932–1933. This work explores stories during
collectivisation of farms in rural Ukraine. Millions of
people died during Soviet collectivisation. This work is
practice-based research as part of my PhD at Leeds
Beckett University. This work has supervision by
Professor Lisa Stansbie and Professor Simon Morris.
Context of this practice explores gaps between
traditional animation and contemporary motion graphics
and TV production. This work had part funding
from Arts Council England as part of an Artists’
International Development Award. This funding
supported a residency and exhibitions in partnership
with the Holodomor Museum in Kyiv in 2017 and a UK
show in partnership with Islington Mill, Salford. These
five short films appear from interviews with leading
historians, academics and individuals with
connection to stories from Ukraine. Total running length

Jaroslaw Prytulak
Serhii Plokhii
Philip Colley
Daria Mattingly
Reverend Fr Volodymyr Sampara
Jerry Berman’s letters to Meyer and Sonia Fortes
reproduced by permission of their granddaughter
Alison Marshall.

Image references by permission of Peter Berman.

Exhibition Curation and Project Support:
Yana Grinko

Production Executive:
Richard Gort

With Thanks to:
Steff Oates, Rupert King, Professor Lisa Stansbie,
Professor Simon Morris, Dr Alison Rowley.

Yoni Collier

A Film by:
Sara Nesteruk

For my Grandmother:
Lena Nesteruk

With Thanks to:

Holodomor Museum Kyiv, Islington Mill Salford,
Dovzhenko Centre and Archives Kyiv, SCRSS London,
Shevchenko Library Ukrainian Institute London.
University of Huddersfield.
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Festivals: British Shorts 2021
Press: Soanyway, The New Current  


Why We (Sometimes) Wish Those We Love Might Die

Short Films


A short film commission from The School of Life. This
work is a collaboration with The School of Life. Scripts
and voice overs by Alain de Botton, music by Yoni
Collier. This work explores love, feelings, depths of
emotion, attachment, fantasies and reality. A
similar theme appears in The Outsider, by Albert
Camus. “To a certain extent all normal people sometimes
wished their loved ones were dead” (2000, p. 65). Camus’
position is an existential one. In this work de Botton
takes this view further. A film exploring dark feelings,
emotions, attachment to other people and how these
fantasies and feelings can reflect deep and very
human bonds. Running time: 3’24”

Screenings: Film Hub North Northern Exposure, Persistence
of Utopia Exhibition Market Gallery Huddersfield.

Design and Animation:
Sara Nesteruk

Scripts and Voice Overs:
Alain de Botton

Yoni Collier

Rugby League

Title Sequences


I produced this work in house at BBC Sport. Visual
executive for this work was Richard Gort. Directors were
Sally Richardson and Alistair McIntyre. Producer is
Mark Woodward. This brief was to celebrate archives
of rugby league coverage on BBC Sport. These archives
date back to 1930s and BBC Sport has always held
rights for the Challenge Cup. My creative explores
uses of images, sequences and animation, taking
reference from a Paul Bush film While Darwin Sleeps.
This takes visuals from archival presentations and
uses specific moments in histories of Challenge Cup
broadcasting through decades. This uses visual cues.
This work is also a celebration of the Challenge Cup.
Paying reference to a sporting event using motion
graphics. This is one of three reversions for rugby
league events. Running time 0’44”.

Design and Animation:
Sara Nesteruk

Visual Executive:
Richard Gort
Mark Woodward
Sally Richardson
Alistair McIntyre

The Accident

Short Films


A short film about my uncle Stephen. This was a
commission from Channel 4. This was from a final
round of MESH commissions. Producer for this work was
Nicola Black and production co-ordinator Anke Hilt.
My work explores truth, family memories, histories,
stories and personal relationships. And how these shift
over time. This has appeared at national and
international film festivals. It was appeared
at galleries for exhibitions and screenings. Part of my
original commission was an online version of this with
an interactive drawing tool by David Hunter. Film length

Edinburgh Film Festival (Premier), KROK Russia, OneDotZero,
Bradford Animation Festival, London International
Animation Festival, Elefest, Canary Wharf Film Fesitval,
BUSHO, Animator Festival, Soho Shorts, Abandon Normal
Devices, Animac, Animac Mobile.

A film by:
Sara Nesteruk

Meghana Bisineer
Cath Eliott
Joe Phillips

John Greswell
Chris Taylor

Nick Loe
Jake Roberts

Voice Over:
Sarah Baxendale

Script Consultant:
Andrea Lioy

Nicola Black
Production Co-ordinator:
Anke Hilt
Editing Consultant:
Tony Fish

Copyright © 2022 Sara Nesteruk